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Product Name:
Door Skin
500 - 1999 Pieces $5.80
Qing Dao
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
>500 Pieces

Detailed introduction

What is the reason for the wooden door pasting? One is that the wooden door is easy to deform and crack, so some artificial synthetic materials must be filled inside to balance the expansion and contraction of the wood. The second is that the price of wood is very expensive and rising. There are real solid wood doors, but they are rare. Generally, the materials used in solid wood doors are relatively high-grade, not the materials commonly used in ordinary decoration. Therefore, the price is not accepted by everyone, so the solid wood composite door is the most popular on the market now.

Here is an introduction to the types of our common veneers to help you choose wooden doors:

(1) Walnut: Walnut is the highest quality wood, produced in North America and Europe. Walnut is dark brown with purple, and the string section has a beautiful large parabolic pattern (big mountain pattern). The price is more expensive. Walnut is used Wooden doors made of veneer are generally more expensive.

(2) Cherry wood: mainly produced in North America and Europe, the wood is light yellow-brown, elegant in literature and science, and the string section has a medium parabolic pattern with small circles between them. Cherry wood is a high-grade wood.

(3) Maple: Maple is light yellow in color, with small hills, and the biggest feature is shadow (obvious local luster), which is a mid-range wood.

(4) Beech wood: Beech wood is bright and light yellow in color and has dense wood rays. It is currently widely used in the market.

(5) Sapele: Sapele is produced in Africa, and the wood of Sapele is fine and smooth. It shows dazzling brilliance under the irradiation of natural light, has a strong cultural atmosphere and noble quality, and is a good material in traditional decoration building materials. The color of sapele wood is reddish brown, and the straight-grained sapele texture has a sparkle and three-dimensional effect.

Product Name
door skin
Standard Siza
Surface Material
Melamine paper or veneer 
Face And Back
Wood grain melamine paper, natural and engineered veneer
Surface Color
Wenge,Beech,Ash,Mahogany,Red oak,Red walnut,Antic light/dark,White maple,Teak,Black Ash,Sapele/Teak etc
E 1 glue
Technical data
1) Density: 880-900kg/m3
2) Moisture: 5 - 10%
3) Water absorption rate: <20%
4) Length/Width tolerance: ±2.0mm
5) Thickness tolerance: ±0.2mm
6) Modulus of elasticity: ≥35Mpa
Inner:Each door skin was covered with shrink film
Export wooded pallet packing with by steel belt
Mini Order Quantity
1x 20ft
Payment Term
by T/T in advance or L/C at sight
Delivery Time
With 15 days after we receive the deposit of 30% or L/C at sight

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